Monday, December 14, 2009

Stealing The Wealth Of A Nation (Pt. 2)

By now you're probably beginning to understand the basics of "Fractional Reserve Lending" where the businessman only has a fraction of the money he has lent out. He has created money that doesn't exist. When we started this story, there was only $100,000 in the businessman's storage but now he is lending a lot more than that. Even more importantly, he's only lending out paper that is worth only a fraction of its face value. Furthermore, by lending out so much money but having people paying actual debt, the flow of real wealth is going to the businessman. With real wealth comes real power, and our businessman loves power. In fact, he now has the power (money) to influence the politicians of the nation.

What can the businessman do with that kind of power?

Convince the government to borrow money from him. Think about that for a minute. The businessman now controls all the money in the nation's economy. When the government decides more money is needed, it has to borrow it from the businessman. If you challenge the businessman, you lose. Either you are cast as a lunatic if you name him for the thief that he is or perhaps worse. The businessman has that kind of power. It is why when this nation is in trouble, the answer is conveniently to get another loan and spend more money. The loan will never go away though, it will have to be paid eventually...unless you dissolve the "assets" of the businessman. Our nation has to get away from the businessman. We have to get away from the Federal Reserve Bank.

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