Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Socialist Government?

Well, it appears that our government is reaching new lows again. Our founding fathers would probably hang themselves than to have any part of our government today. The House of misRepresentatives passed legislation to really take control over private enterprise. The intent is to govern every aspect of financial based businesses, whether it be a payday loan place or a small local bank or the largest financial firms in the nation. That's a whole lot of government hands tinkering with free enterprise. Uncle Sam will even have the power to dismantle a large corporation that is healthy but simply too big to be considered "safe" in our economy. Now, I hate big businesses just as much as the next guy. I applaud them for their tenacity to self-manage themselves to the level of success they've achieve. My hostility is more towards them using their weight to try and disrupt competition by methods not becoming of a true free economy business. Benevolence is never their key trait.

Communism and capitalism can be near the same thing. A bloated government that dictates every aspect of our lives isn't any different than a swollen corporation that does the same by using a government as it's proxy. "Buy 'N' Large. Your very best friend." The kids' movie 'Wall-E' may not be all that far off in its depiction of a future America's governance. Preventing monopolies is something that has to be handled carefully. On one hand as a government you have to leave private enterprise alone, but on the other hand you have to ensure all the players have a fair shot at the game. This legislation is not regulation though, it is socialism. It is the government taking a huge controlling interest in private enterprise.

This is not a good thing to have the government in so much control. It's like being thirty and having your parents move in and take over your life again even though you've been doing fine on your own.

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